Initial Popularity in China

Ever since its inception in 1992 in China, Falun Gong gained immense popularity among the Chinese because of the dramatic health benefits and improvement in moral standards that people experienced. Nearly 100 million Chinese people took to this practice fervently within a few years. Many high ranking officials from the government and the armed forces were among those who embraced the practice. The health benefits resulted in saving billions of Yuan in terms of medical insurance, to the government.

Sadly, however, in China, the birthplace of Falun Gong, owing to its popularity itself, this practice has been banned from 20 July 1999 by the Communist Regime. Over the past sixteen years, Falun Gong practitioners in China have been subjected to a cruel and inhuman persecution as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses all kinds of torture methods to coerce the practitioners into giving up their belief.

Why is it persecuted?

The book, Zhuan Falun, which is the main text of Falun Gong, topped the best seller list in China in 1996. Over 100 million Chinese people had started practicing Falun Gong by 1996. But the total number of CCP members did not exceed 70 million at that time. Moreover, tens of millions of Party members themselves were practicing Falun Gong.

Any large group following a faith is always perceived as a threat by the Communist Regime. This is a well-known phenomenon called “totalitarian paranoia.” Jiang Zemin, who was the Party leader then, panicked that this growth of a massive population of these peaceful people would destabilize the government.

The profound spirituality of Falun Gong based on Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is the polar opposite of the CCP’s ideology of money-worship, power- mongering and deceit. Hence Jiang Zemin ordered to crack down this peaceful practice from 20 July, 1999.

The practitioners of Falun Gong were arrested and coerced to renounce their faith. Their homes were ransacked and books of Falun Gong were confiscated and destroyed.

Intensifying the Persecution

Due to the autocracy of the Communist regime, whenever the State decided to ban any group, it was able to wipe it out of the country within a few months. Jiang Zemin expected to eradicate Falun Gong from China within three months. But the goodness of the practice had captured the minds and hearts of the people. Moreover, the endurance and the benevolence emerging from the practice enabled the practitioners to sustain the repression.

Banning of any faith is against the Chinese Constitution and hence suppression of Falun Gong is illegal, despite being ordered by the State. Jiang Zemin circumvented the legality by constituting a special branch, called the 6-10 office, for the sole purpose of eliminating Falun Gong. The persecution was intensified to instil terror among the people.

The practitioners are sent to serve in forced labour camps for several years without trial or representation. They are subjected to brutal and inhuman tortures; their properties are confiscated. Their children are left as destitute and family and friends are also persecuted. This condition prevails till date, as the persecution is ongoing in China.

To justify its own cruelty, the CCP uses the state media to slander the practice as an evil cult and to spread lies and false propaganda against Falun Gong. The international media is silenced with bribes and lies.

In addition to physical tortures, cruel mental torture techniques are used at the brainwashing centers. Torture in custody has taken the lives of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners since the Communist Party began persecuting followers of the spiritual discipline in 1999. The official figure of deaths under torture is, however, recorded as about 3400.

Human rights organizations have documented over 87,000 cases of severe abuse or torture of Falun Gong adherents. See, for details:

Forced Labour Camps – Living Hells of China

A large network of labour camps for prisoners exist in China since the 1950s though not prevalently known outside. Ever since the spiritual practice of Falun Gong had been outlawed in 1999, the practitioners of this faith have become an easy target to serve at these labour camps. It is estimated that 70% of the inmates of the Laogai are Falun Gong adherents. As of now several hundred thousands of Falun Gong practitioners languish in labour camps.

These prisoners are forced to make a range of products including toys, apparels, idols and other gift items working under inhuman conditions, 16 to 18 hrs a day, using poor quality materials. No wonder they are priced so low! Please read on ... Forced Labour Camps – Living Hells of China

International Initiatives

Governments of many countries, Canada, France, Australia, USA, Israel, Spain, Taiwan, to name a few, have condemned this crime against humanity and have taken measures to shun China's rapidly growing transplant industry, by way of refusing visas to Chinese doctors seeking to travel abroad for transplant training, toughen laws to require doctors to report evidence that patients have received trafficked organs, and prevent their own citizens from travelling to China for transplants. Laws banning transplant tourism to China are already in place in Israel and Spain and are being debated in many other countries.

It is the duty of every human being with a conscience and every nation with high moral values, to raise a voice against this atrocity. Please read on ... International Initiatives

Organ Harvesting Crimes – A New Form of Evil on this Planet

However, the persecution does not stop with brainwashing and torturing these prisoners of conscience into giving up their faith. The Communist Regime uses this as an excuse to commit further heinous crime against humanity. Reports from witnesses and Chinese physicians reveal that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been killed for their organs, which are sold and transplanted at enormous profit in the illicit organ trade.

The perpetrators are officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), acting in collaboration with surgeons, prison authorities, and military officials. Please read on ... Organ Harvesting Crimes – A New Form of Evil on this Planet

Stop Persecution of Falun Gong

In relentlessly persecuting the practitioners of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, the CCP has chosen to remain evil. Any person with a conscience would like to raise his or her voice against this crime and condemn this inhuman persecution. If we do not make efforts to stop this persecution, our indifference will result in abetting the crime against humanity.


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Not only on humanitarian grounds should India condemn this severe violation, but being a neighbor to China and entering into an active trade exchange at present, there is a grave concern for India to preserve its own moral values. India needs to play a decisive role to end organ pillaging in China.

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