How to Learn

Learning Falun Dafa involves both studying the principles and doing the exercises.
You can learn in any of the following ways:

Complete Online Libraries

All Falun Dafa books & articles and audio & video materials are available for free download.

If desired, books can be purchased from B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd, Near R K Ashram Metro Station, 1921, Street No.10, Chuna Mandi, Post Box: 5775, Paharganj, New Delhi-110055 (India), Ph: +91-11-4567 1000, Fax: +91-11-4567 1010, Email: [email protected] or or TianTi Books, and can often be found in bookstores, libraries, and at Falun Dafa practice sites.

Read the Books

Falun Gong (download pdf)
  • Gives an introductory level discussion of the principles of Falun Dafa and the concept of cultivation
  • Illustrates and explains how to do the exercises

Zhuan Falun (download pdf)
  • Compilation of 9 lectures of Master Li Hongzi
  • Gives a comprehensive explanation of Falun Dafa that ranges across an enormous array of topics, shedding light where no other authors have

Learn the Exercises

Falun Dafa practice consists of Five sets of Exercises which are gentle, slow and easy to learn. The exercises are taught free of charge at local practice site. If you want to learn Falun Dafa exercises, kindly contact the following persons in your city for practice site details. Please dial 0 infront of mobile number if calling from other state and 0091 if calling from outside of India

Practice Sites

City Contact Person Place
Ahmedabad Razia - 8080158778 Please Call
Akola / Karanja (laad) Sandeep - 9850815161 Please Call
Bengaluru Chitra - 9886500273 / 9341254320
Sanjeev - 9341255561
Cubbon Park
Domlur Park, Indranagar
Kumara Park
Bhopal / Vidisha Sandeep - 9916135350 Please Call
Chennai Rajasingan - 9840125536 Please Call
Coimbatore Devarajan - 9443736677 / 9442735577 Please Call
Delhi / NCR Ram - 9971513911
Manoj - 9871679992
Sudhir - 9491047043
Sunil - 9999218967
Lodhi Gardens, Delhi
Sector-47, Community-center park, Noida
Ernakulam Bhavani - 9072707240 Please Call
Hyderabad Subramanian - 9347592848
Ashwani kumar - 9885536274
Please Call
Jamshedpur Dhanlaxmi - 9939500428 Please Call
Kolkata Suren - 9821381501
Dr. bit - 9143066856
Suman - 9433281219
Please Call
Kollar Pradeep - 9845441084 Please Call
Mumbai Archana - 9892374508
Charu - 9619749428
Razia - 8080158778
Please Call
Anushakti Nagar
Please Call
Nagpur Sagar - 9822569386
Yuvraj - 9767441480
Please Call
Pondicherry Tatiana - 9944025970 Please Call
Pune Anand - 7720006453
Sandesh - 8007606105
Pimple Saudagar
Shrinivaspur ShriRam - 9448448211 Please Call
Sambalpur (Bhubneshwar) Bikas - 7008031073 Please Call
Sangareddy Suman - 9490406143 Please Call
Solapur Parag - 9556770832 Please Call
Surat Razia - 8080158778 Please Call
Trichi Nisha - 9677508500 Please Call
Udaipur Pankaj - 7083880160 Please Call
Varanasi Chris - 9935529619 Sarnath
NOTE: Please confirm with the above contact persons before you come to the practice site.

Teaching at your place.

If there is no practice site in your vicinity, Falun Dafa practioners will be happy to come to your place to teach the exercises and introduce the practice to those who express interest. Many times people have gathered a few friends at their homes or reserved a room at local community center and invited people who practice Falun Dafa to come and teach them. This is also free of charge. To call the contact person nearby you or  Contact us.

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