The Falun

The Falun Emblem The Falun emblem is the official symbol of Falun Dafa. Falun translates literally to "law wheel." While it is most often shown as seen here, you may also see it reproduced with different background colors.
The Falun Itself The Falun itself is high-energy material that has intelligence. It rotates according to the laws of the universe. The Falun distinguishes Falun Dafa from other schools of cultivation.
Falun Dafa is Different Other types of cultivation rely on the development of an energy cluster in the lower abdomen (dantian) formed through meditation or other practices. The energy exists unseen in another dimension. While meditating (or practicing), this cultivation energy develops. When meditation ends, so too does the development of cultivation energy. Only with more practice does one develop more cultivation energy. Falun Dafa is different. A Falun is installed in the lower abdomen of every Falun Dafa practitioner. Falun rotates nonstop, automatically assisting practitioners to increase their cultivation energy. Unlike other practices, Falun Dafa allows practitioners to develop cultivation energy regardless of whether they are meditating or not. Falun continues to rotate twenty-four hours a day, constantly developing cultivation energy, even while practitioners are at work, at play and asleep.
The Falun is a Miniature of the Universe In traditional cultivation ways passed down over thousands of years, Taoist schools of thought have considered yin-yang (Taichi) symbols as representations of the entire universe. Similarly, Buddha-school cultivation ways believe the swastika to symbolize the universe as a whole. The Falun encompasses both schools of thought.

The Buddha statue on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, with swastika symbol on chest.

How Does One Obtain Falun? Genuine cultivators who read the Falun Dafa books, attend or listen to recordings of Mr. Li Hongzhi's lectures, or learn the practice from another Falun Dafa practitioner, may all obtain Falun. The installation process is automatic and unseen, occurring in other dimensions. Some people can feel the Falun turning when they first obtain it while others cannot; the Falun functions as it should regardless.
More About the Swastika The swastika is an ancient symbol of good fortune embraced through the ages by cultures around the world. It has also been associated with the horrific atrocities of the Holocaust. Learn more here.